Calling Features

VBuzzer offers a broad range of quality and constantly updated communication alternatives ideal for residential and business use that include Phone, Fax, SMS, VPN and Virtual Number services. With its all-in-one software, mobile and home-use versatility, clear call quality, 99.9% service uptime reliability, and clear logging of every usage, VBuzzer has all you need, and at the affordable prices you love!



VBuzzer uses an adapter to deliver reliable phone service over your high-speed internet connection. All you need to do is purchase a VBuzzer phone adapter (many VBuzzer plans include our adapter as part of the package), or install your own. This creates a link between your internet router and your regular phone. With our VBuzzer adapter, installation is super-easy— just plug your phone line and internet cable into the VBuzzer adapter and youʼre done!


You can download our free VBuzzer Messenger Software and instantly make calls, send faxes and chat all over the world from your computer. When you travel, as long as you have internet access, you can use VBuzzer on your computer. Never miss a call— when someone dials your VBuzzer phone number your VBuzzer home phone and your PC messenger service will ring for you to answer.

911 Dialing and Service

VBuzzer offers 911 service/dialing similar to traditional 911 service.

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Internet Fax

Send faxes directly to any fax machine from your computer.

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Receive and make free or inexpensive local and long distance calls using WiFi and 3G networks.

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Simultaneous Ring

Never miss a call again! Receive calls on your VBuzzer home phone line and on any five additional devices.

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VBuzzer-to-VBuzzer Calling

All VBuzzer-to-VBuzzer calling is included in all our Calling Plans.

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Virtual Phone Numbers

Get a phone number from a major city of choice in your country.

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Home Phone Adapters

Use your regular home phone to make quality internet calls.

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Keep your existing number

Keep your phone number when you move and never miss a call.


Why VBuzzer

What makes VBuzzer such a smart all-around communications alternative? People like you— too smart to keep paying big fees to big phone companies for plans not tailored to your needs, added-on services you don’t use, big advertising campaigns that don’t speak to you... the list goes on!


  • Caller ID
  • Enhanced Voicemail
  • Simulateous Ring


Money Back Guarantee

We offer our customers a money back guarantee so you can try our services RISK-FREE.

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Online Calling Plan

Call anywhere in the world
No hidden Fees

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Refer-A-Friend Bonus

Spread the word about Smarter Calling and save a bundle!

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